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Bad experience To Use Cannon Scanner Software

Bad experience to use the software for Cannon Scanner model CanoScan LIDE 25, and the bundled software we used is ScanGear Starter.

This is the first I use scanner.

First, I have to go to Cannon official website to download the driver, and unfortunately, the site is unavailable. so I have to move to other sites to download it.

Second, install the ScanGear Starter software. so  simply.

Third,  start  the software, and  have a trial. good,  easy to use! Click
PREVIEW button to preview it before scan it. Seems the quality of effect is high, then click START SCANNING to scan it.The next is how to save it. but it seems I can't find anything about how to save. then I ask Jason,Danny,Jessie for it. At the end , nobody find the way. The only way is to capture the screen and use Paint tool. How dummy!

Finally, I find the tips, it will save the picture(s) when it exits.

As a professional user, it is not a good design obviously. Hope Cannon can improve it asap.

PS: when I can't save the pictures, others think it is impossible. To be a joke, Jessie said it is certain  it is  easy, and  up to her. OK,  she  came  my seat, and  tried for  several minutes, didn't  find  it. Saving is hard for us!  :)


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