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Tips: Access Internet Securely

This article will introduce a tips about secure access to internet.
Nowadays, we are living with internet, if Internet disappear one day, I believe the world will be changed, and many people think they won't live including me.

Ok, one important issue must be taken care, that is security.

For example, if you are using IMs to communicate with others, how to avoid attacks?
if you are using the online bank services, you may be worry your account password, bank information will be lost.
If you plan to browse a web page, while it will can't be accessed in mainland , what should you do?

OK, I will introduce a tips.

My computer is like below:

To access securely, we can do it via SSH.
How to create a SSH connection?
you have to be able to access a server,where SSH is running , and then open a terminal, type
ssh -D port username@yourserver
for example, ssh -D 6000 root@www.domain.com
OK, let's take FireFox as an example.

Click menu Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Network
 Click Settings button, choose manual proxy configuration,in SOCKS Host  fields, enter localhost  , and 6000 for port
choose Socket V5
OK, you are secure now.

For others ,config them in the same way.


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