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Push Now!

Sometimes, you should push somebody or something to adjust to yourself.
Why we need to do it?
If you are responsible for one project or others, you have to try your best to make it good. However, it doesn't go on in the way you are thinking, so the progress will be affected probably, How often? frequently!

What you should do for it? Easy, push the things.Once you push it, the related people and things can try their best to handle it with you, and the progress is in your control.

One of my friends  often works overtime, and tells me she is waiting for the reports from other related people. yes, she can process the reports when only they are submitted by others. It is not a good way to just wait, it is needed to push them.

In this article, the topic is simple, we should push them on ours own initiative. it is a good way in our life and work.


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