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I Cannot Use Email System On My Laptop

There is a Linux OS (ubuntu) installed on my laptop, and an email client system called Evolution from Novell Inc is built in.

It seems a good software, and actually it is . However, why I cannot use it ? I want to use it to operate my 163 (NetEase,which is a web site portal in China) email, and configure evolution according to the official help,unfortunately, it doesn't work, my god, and I try it several times, and still get the same result.

Later, I consult Leafhhou whether she is using the client software to receive and send the mail via 163  email account, since I ever  remember she uses foxmail to do it. and her answer is yes.

Hooom, what happened? Is it need to send an email to NetEase service center to ask how to process it?

If you know how to configure it, please tell me , your help will be so appreciated.Thanks!


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