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Copyright of Translating Book

I have posted an article (check here ) about it ,and I get many comments. I believe there are many people have the same question. OK, let me detail this question again: If you translate one book which is published by foreign press company, or published in Internet, what is copyright and how to do it?
I am not a lawyer, but I obey Intellectual Property Rights. how to process it?

1) The book published by press company
   you should contact the company and the authors, and tell them you have a job to translate it. If you want to publish the translated things, you should get the authorization from them. However, some books are their special copyrights, so you must read it carefully, and obey it.
2) The book or things posted on Internet
  Maybe the things are along with a copyright, please reading it again, and contact the authors. Sometimes, the articles maybe not along with a copyright, please contact the author,because the rights of the articles belong to the author default.

On conclusion, you should contact the author and publish company before your public publish, or else you probably be in law trouble.

The above is my opinion, NO WARRANTY.


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