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Traffic Jam in Beijing

If you are living in Shanghai, you maybe leave home and go to office ahead of time every day, and think the shanghai is most serious traffic jam in China. If you think so, I am sorry, I have to tell you that you are wrong, Shanghai is not the most serious city.

Which city is most serious? My answer is Beijing.

If you go to Beijing, you can find the streets are full with vehicles lining up there and cross the green lights. and there is nothing except for cars in the streets. One official report reports that Beijing has increasing of 1 million cars from 2006 year to 2007. Oh, my god. How many cars ! 1M per year.

Why Beijing has so big number? Three reasons: citizens are richer and richer, the license plate of car (or additional fee) in Beijing is cheap, and the cars are cheap.

For the three reasons, why Shanghai has less is clear. Firstly, the license plate will take you average 45,000RMB,which can buy a QQ car from Chery , or a XIALI car from Tianjin Auto Company. Second, the parking fee is very expensive, about 10 yuan per hour. finally, the other additional fee, including tax,maintenance fee, road maintenance fee, etc, are more expensive than other cities.

Hangzhou is smaller than Beijing and Shanghai, however, traffic jam is common every time. If will travel or do something else, you can find this quickly.

For the cities I have ever gone , for the traffic jam serious level, Beijing is most, then Hangzhou, Shanghai latter.



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