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More and more Green in Beijing

I went to Beijing in last week later.

The first impression is the city is growing more and more beatiful. and the enviroment is better than the last time I gone.

In last friday, I went to Beijing by bus. And on the EXPWY, I found there are many trees around the road, and the fresh smell makes me exciting. I am glad to see that.

When I stepped  into Beijing downtown nearby 3rd Ring (South) , I found how many trees there. I heard of TV, magezines and other medias that the enviroment of Beijing is changing better and better. it seems it is true. becuase I can experience it myself.

Why can Beijing do this? Maybe becuase of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games.

Actually,  the enviroment of cities in north of China is worse than that in south in our eyes. If you really get the correct answer, it is suggested that you go to the cities by yourself, and  then you get  the final answer, I believe you  thoughts on it will be changed.

In a word, it is good!

Hopefully the enviroment around China will be better and better, because it is destroying now. the biggest key factor is human.


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