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How To Use Google.com in IE in China

 I always use FireFox , not IE.

And I found that when I enter www.google.com in IE ,then it will redirect to www.google.cn automatically.

For some reason, the results from google.cn are restricted, and there are many result items will be forbidden. For other reason, the english result is more useful than Chinese, so I would like to use google.com in Chinese.

How to avoid this? there are several methods.

1) please go to google english page. which url? http://www.google.com/ncr , which is will show the english page. then click  Preferences link, please select Chinese(Simplified) in  the dropdown list of Google tips and messages. if you will reenter www.google.com. it doesn't redirect at all.

2) this is another way. if it redirects to www.google.cn, go to Preferences(使用偏好,pinyin, shi yong pian hao), select English(英语,pinyin,yingyu) in the dropdown list. it will navigate to google english home page, then done the else like as the 1st way.

Easy ? yes.

I found the preference is saved in the cookie.,so if you would like to do advanced things, focus on its cookie in your local computer.


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