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Guide To Tianjin

Tianjin, a famous city in China, one of the four municipalities of China.
I have gone to Tianjin for several times. and I have different feeling for each time.
OK, let me introduce it simply.

How  to go to Tianjin from Shanghai?

There are 2 ways I suggest.
By train
 one is by train. there are many train lines to there. I often go there by Z42 without one stop. The price is 280-320 RMB for hard bed, I choose the middle hard bed , that is 291 RMB. if you choose soft bed, the price is higher than 450 RMB, so expensive. The train departs  from Shanghai on  20:02 PM, and  arrives  at  Tianjin  on  6:36 AM.
Beside for this, there still are other train lines, such as T34, Compare it to Z42, the same price ,but with a worse timeline than Z42.
So Z42 is  the best choice for train.

By Air
The 2nd way is by air.
I ever went to there by air. and the price is about 550-1100RMB, I generally choose the cheapest class, and the ticket is about 40-50 percent off. However, I find that from April this year(2007) ,  the price is expensive than before, the discount price is always above 80 percent. If you go there for yourself ,not for business, the train is your choice.
Where is the railway station?
You maybe are surprised at this question. Why do I ask this question? :), because the new Tianjin railway  station is under construction. so the train will be stopped at the temporary station. But where is the temp station? it is far away from the old station.

How to get the Tianjin Metro from the temp railway station?
First of all, I should introduce the metro. there is only one metro in Tianjin so far. It starts at Zhongshan Men , and ends at Donghai Rd, bypass TEDA, check here for more information. so if you will go to Zhongshan Men station, the best is by taxi, and the fee is less than 10RMB.

How to go to Tanggu from railway?
 2 ways: train and bus.
if you are by Z42, you can transfer 4417, which is from Tianjin to Qinhuangdao, and arrives at Tanggu at 7:47am. And you don't need to walk out the station.
If you are by bus, 621 is your  choice, and 621 will arrive at The Bund in Tanggu.

OK, the above is I introduce today, the next entries will mention more about Tianjin and Tanggu district.


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