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Keep at It

I posted the last entry named Taking Exercise which told us I made a decision to take exercise since Monday, It is Thursday today, that means 3 days passed.

What  have I done in the past 3 days?

I am proud of myself ,because I insisted on it for 3 days continuously.

In the first day, I tried my best finishing 7 laps, and during the process, I paused for several Mins to have a rest. Ooh, my god, I am too bad. Finally, I think it was a hard way to take exercise,  maybe it was because it is the first day  and the first time.

In the second day, I found my legs and body were pained, I wasn't do exercise for a long time. it would happen once you began.  I still finished 7 laps without rest, however. good. It is a big encourage. Seems that I am improving,and I was less hard than the first day.

In the third day, that yesterday, all body were so pained that I walked lamely. And Xiao Mei asked me what happened with your legs?  I answered:"pained". What should do next? Go on or pause? I choose to go on doing exercise. To my surprise, I didn't feel  pained in the progress.  I finished 8 laps for one time , beyond the 2nd day and 1st day. For more important point, I felt it less hard than the past 2 days. Seems I gradually fit the sports.

This is Thursday, and it is raining, what should do? I have made a decision, that is I should go on it.

The important thing is KEEP.

I remember Ma Yun ,CEO of Alibaba, which the biggest marketing network in the world , said in CCTV2: the instant  enthusiasm is not warm, while the long is valuable.


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