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All Chinese people are talking about stock in this year and think Chinese stock so crazy. If you are out , the people around you are talking about it . When you go to have dinner, the people on the table talk it. when you are walking in the street, the people too, etc. The popular topic in China in 2007 is stock.

Yes, because of the the crazy stock, the citizens move the deposit in bank to stock market, both Shanghai market and Shenzhen market. This will make the market so hot that  it is full with foams. Bases on this, Chinese government took some effected measures to control it. On May 30, it announced that the stamp tax tripled than 0.1 percent.

Wow, the Shanghai Stock Index got down 6.4% on May 30,and 8.26% on June 4 .and was lower than the 60 day's average line, that means if you bought a stock shares 2 months ago, and now the value of your stock shares is keeping balance with beginning.

After 4 days' continuous get-down, the index began recap and  back to 4100 again after 7 days' continuous up.But  it rebounds between 4100 and 4200 now. 

Full with risk currently.

Do you remember the asian economic disaster in 1997 ? risk.


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