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Formula 1 in Canada again

It is Saturday, formula one(F1) again, and located in Canada. It  begined at 1:00 AM Beijing time. If you plan to watch this program , you have to be waken up at that time, which is so late for us.

Yes, all F1 games in Canada and USA, are at that time,for Chinese, it is not a good time.

I watched it ever in the same day in 2005.At that time, I was in the hotel in Nanjing. I remembered I was back to hotel so late,about 11:30 PM. Luckily, I got know this program, then finished doing something need to process, it was the time for it. Good time again.

Although I was sad on that day,this program can relax me a little. The engine is so powerful so the high speed made you interested. While the engine already is changed to V8 from 2007, it is more powerful, and higher speed.

OK, move to talk about F1. CCTV5 , which is the biggest sports TV in China, is very busy recently, since there are a lots of program to broadcast, such as NBP Paris Open, basketball,and NBA etc.

For F1, congrats to Hamilton, the English guy was the dominant runner in qualifying here in Montreal, lapping his McLaren in 1m 15.707s. Alonso was on a quicker lap in the first two sectors, but ultimately the lap did not improve on Hamilton’s and the world champion had to be content with 1m 16.163s for the other front row slot.

Now, McLaren is the first, then Ferrari, Renault next, which was championship in 2006.

CCTV5 is lively broadcasting the program of Paris Open Final of Roger Federer and David Nalbandian.


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