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Wedding Photos

In this morning today, I received an email sent by KeFeng, this email supports a url link for us so we can browse a lots of photos about his wedding party.
The first impression is the bride (Xia Jiang) is pretty beautiful and the bridegroom (KeFeng )very handsome.
There are 2 groups of pictures, one is photographed at his hometown, and the other is photographed in Beijing, Do you remember I mentioned it in the last post , which also refers to their wedding.

The First Group In Hometown
 Well, it seems that these pictures are self-described.
  • Red Double Happiness
         I haven't seen several big red Double Happiness (pinyin HongShuangXi) for several years. I feel they are very kind once they are thrown into my eyes.:) For Chinese, red color is the symbol of happy,luck and goodies. Double Happiness Paster are often seen in wedding party.
  • Driving Horse
        I remember KeFeng has introduced this custom when we were in university. It is pity that I don't ever see it by myself. Coincidentally, I first see it on wedding party of KeFeng himself.:)
  • Bridegroom Carrying Bride
        KeFeng is so strong that he carried his wife easily. From the pictures, we can see KeFeng carried his wife from the street to home, it is so far. I guess he made exercise every day before, or else he can't carry her passing the long-distance way.
        Bridegroom carrying bride is a common custom, we can see it over through the whole China, even the world.
  • The Custom

        Yes, custom. Custom is a kind of culture. and a kind of custom sometimes can only been seen in special place. For examples, driving horse when wedding is popular in Shanxi province, but not in my hometown. I don't see Driving Horse before expect for TV.
       Red Double Happiness also is one of most popular in China. Generally, it is with red color. this color is used in many cases, such as wedding, and babies' born.

 The 2nd Group In Beijing

 Obviously, this group is full with art! What is the art? the answer is in the photos, if you finish taking a look at all photos, I am sure you will understand it. In afternoon, Leafhhou asked me if I already had a look it them. I answered her I have. Yes, I done it in the morning.

 Talk about bride first. The beauty,the noble temperament of bride can improve that the dresser's skill is very sophisticated. Beside for this, our bride temperament is in nature, that plays a key role. Leafhhou sent me one wedding photo and said then it is excellent. I think so.

 Now, let me move to bridegroom Kefeng. He is one of  my best classmates and friends. When he wears formal dress, I find immediately that he is with spirit and energy. maybe it is why he can keep carrying bride for a long distance. one word, handsome.Note that it is not cute, we can't describe it with this word at all in the future, since our Kefeng now is not a single.

Finally, congrats to Xia Jiang and KeFeng.

In our room, seems that I am the only one don't have GF ,just single. Keep single or other? :)

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