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Changes In Airport

There are some changes for the airlines in Shanghai.


The changes are like below:

From March 1st this year:

All airlines below will be moved to Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport(PVG) FROM HongQiao

  • Shanghai<-->WuHan
  • All airlines from Shanghai to West Of China, such as Chengdu,Chongqing. etc, so the return do.

Meanwhile, there are several airlines are moved to HongQiao From PVG. The main airlines includes:

  • Shanghai <-->ShenZhen
  • Shanghai <--> Guangzhou

 Why the changes made?

There is a reason to explain it, but the this reason isn't confirmed officially.

The key reason is to make the transfer the Intl. airlines quickly., as well known, most of the intl airlines are in PVG. If one people from Wuhan or Chongqing plans to go to New York. If he or she arrives at Hongqiao first, then goes to PVG.,it will drive the customer mad. Based on this, it is better if the airlines are moved to PVG. But why the arlines to ShenZhen or Guangzhou are moved to Hongqiao? Don't forget a bigger Intl airport in HongKong, which is nearby these 2 cities.


They are so far away each other that if you are living in PuXi( west of shanghai) and go to PVG, it seems it is a bad trip-FAR. and as same as it, if you are living PuDOng(east of shanghai) and wnat to HongQiao, and so far too.

If I go back to my hometown one day, I have to go to PVG, if I take taxi and the traffic idn't blocked, it will at least 45 mins to get there. It is a long time for me,but only 25 mins for Hongqiao.:(

Suggest that please double check the depature and arrival location of your airlines if you are by air. Once a mistake is made, some serious result will happen.


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