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The Online System of Finance Dept Should Be Improved

All finance system , including Banks, funds and e-commerce such as Taobao, own their online system, which are  simple so we can make the transaction without going the their desktop, and based on these, we can save much time.

Bad Use Experience
As a FireFox user, I use Microsoft Internet Explorer  (IE)not frequently. But I  use these online system every time, I have to move to use IE. what happened?
For example, when I use the online system of one bank, such as CCB, I first open it via FireFox, I found that it is bad after opening the authorized page, it can't render the pages normally and only display only one field, user account to type, no password, no verify code. it is a childish error. Wow, if I want to keep using it, I have to move to IE, and it will inform you need to install an ActiveX control to avoid the spam and other dangerous attacks. it is only available for IE.

No, it isn't safe. As well known, Microsoft ,including IE certainly ,are hacked frequently. Although an ActiveX is used, it is certain the attackers can run a method to do it if they really want to hack you,

OK, suppose one user uses Linux OS, such as Ubuntu, what he or she will do? Does he or she just buy a Microsoft Windows OS? It is expensive and drives the user mad.

How  other banks do?
How do HSBC,Hangsheng,Citibank resolve it? If you visit their official website, if can found the online bank system supports IE,Netscape, and Firefox, why they can do this while our  native banks,or others can't? Are the technologies complex? My answer is no.

Improve, risk
Yep, the online system should be improved, and can be used for other browsers. Risk? every thing is full with risk, the way of IE with an ActiveX too. If good strategies to avoid it is used, I believe it will forbid it in succeed for IE,Firefox, and Netscape.


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