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Learn the skills of Photography

About it Before
I didn't photograph the scene frequently before ,so there aren't a lot of pictures, although I went to several places and cities. At some points, I didn't like taking photo of them, so that I used the camera seldom after I bought it.
However,for some reason. I became to love photography recently, since  maybe I like the life and the things surrounding me.

How about it currently
In Labor day and  the trip of Hangzhou when the next week after it, I took many pictures. :). yes, I thought what I saw were beautiful ,and photographed them ,then I uploaded these pictures into the online web album. Some of my friends reviewed them, then said to me:"hey, your skills of photography are not good.",
yes, I know, I know my skills are poor, especially for photography.

What should I do
To record all things around us, seems it is necessary to learn photography, and try my best to get the best things, including the pictures I photograph. Why I do this? because I found I love the life more and more , very good! To do so, it is the time to do this.

How to do?
How to improve my skills? Simply! As the study progress of my work, I should read some books about it. And I searched it via Google, one of the famous is NYIP( New York Insititute Of Photography), and  it  published a book, and this book is translated into Simplified Chinese, you can find it at here http://www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp?id=675568.Wow, it is a brick book, which will take me much time reading it.

I have to keep it if I want to improve myself.


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