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Bank Services in China

I opened some accounts in CCB(China Construction Bank), and experience the service from it last three days.

Online Bank Service
Most of banks have their online bank service, so does CCB. I would like to make a electronic transfer to other account, and decided to do it via online bank.
After my operation, I am very disappointed at it.When I signed in and choose the displayed tabs, what I met was loading the web page failure.  I tried these again and again, I didn't transfer my account successfully.
The online bank service is unstable, in a word. CCB should try its best to build a stable one .

Private Property Service
when I sit down and ready to run my transaction, the private property service manager asked me for filling the form, suddenly, the telephone rang up. She accepted it without saying anything to me, so I had to wait for her for 3 minutes. What is service on earth?

Open an account
As need, I planned to open a new account in CCB. If you open a new one, the staff will ask for you to choose card or passbook, if the first one, you will pay 10 RMB per year for it, and free for latter. And it deposits at least 1 RMB .

In Queue
In shanghai, you have to be in queue in all of bank almost,sure CCB does . Seems Chinese all are rich.:). Generally, you should spend about 30 minutes to wait. In several banks, the first thing you have to do after stepping into bank is  fetching a queue number. while for many banks, you MUST stand alone here to wait, it wastes your time.

Impression Before
I thought the service was the best than others when I studied in school.Now, once I use the advanced service , I I drop into desperation immediately.

In China, the service industry will become more and more
prosperous. CCB and others should improve their service so we customers can feel a good experience,Based on this,  we can really become your clients.



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