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The Plugin for WordPress to Get Recent Posts

I redesigned the Chinese blog system, and needed  to add an extra function to get the recent posts. The best place I should to go is the Wordpress official site. Unfortunately, no related function is implemented. And I  continued to google it, but the result made me mad.

OK,I made a decision to  write it by myself.

Where to download it?

  Click here to download it

How to use?
Very simple. There is only one function:

$records_num here is the number of the recent posts you want to retrieve. the default value is 8. it will use the default value if you provide with nothing.

Please extract this package first, and then copy the php file to plugin directory. Sign in your system, and click Plugins tab, one item called Get Recent Post is visible, active it.

Then place the code <?php echo get_recent_post(); ?> into where you want to use.

Feel free to tell me your suggestions, Thanks!

P.S: This article also has a Chinese version, read now!


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