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Take it easy!

As the beginning of this article, congrats Xie, one of my best friends, on getting a job, and also Duan , on his making a big decision on her job meanwhile.

Nowadays, Xie has arrived in Shenzhen to process his training. Some days ago, he SMSed and told me that the training is so hard  that he left office at 10:00 PM, and then took a part in an examination next day. He called it “devil training". Maybe yes. this training will last 2 months, a long time for him. Hopefully he can get it through as his expected.

Duan told me how to do some days ago? Yes, I think it is hard to make this decision. However, she has to do this. And In this Friday, she told me she would go back . Maybe this is a wise decision. and she always follows her think to do. The new era of his work will be approaching.

Although it is hard to look for a job, my friends are good at doing this.Good luck, my friends,guy and girls!


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