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One Song and One Movie

I will introduce one song and one movie .
This song's name is called Float Cloud by Angela Zhang(Zhang Shaohan from Taiwan), and the movie's name is Raincloud Over Wushan directed by Zhang Ming, the 5th generation of director in China.

When I listened to this music in the first time, the fantasy melody was amazing and attacked my heart. After done  your busy work or other things, and then go to listen, you must relax yourself. The music from Angela Zhang seems from heaven.

This movie is directed in 1995 and The Three Gorges didn't lunch at that time. The story happened in Wushan nearby Chongqing. It hints the ethics and morality of human. The leading role‘s name is Maiqiang. He is working on the Signal Station Of  Three Gorges. One of his friends ,Ma Bin, bring a prostitute for him, but Maiqiang doesn't do it. While Maiqiong goes to the downtown of the county, and meets a women  who Maiqiang rapes。

Actually, the story is very simple, but it reflects deeply the heart of human.


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