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Dopod 310 cellphone

I would like to change a cell phone before this Spring Festive. It came true today.

I spent 1870RMB buying a Dopod 310 model cell phone in XUJIAHUI district, this is the most expensive one I ever bought.

I planned to do this yesterday, but I couldn’t found it in BABAIBAN in Pudong district. I had to delay it.

After I saw for Xie to SUZOU at Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station today, I went to XUJIAHUI , the first place I went is Windows Mobile Store at 3rd floor of  Metro City, I got to know how much is it approximately here, BTW, this store is sponsored by Microsoft. Then I went to the second store named DIXINTONG at the same floor with the previous, and had a talk with the sellers, they gave me the lowest price is 1980RMB I think which is expensive again and I can’t accept it. OK, what should I do? As well known, there are many stores sell cell phone in XUJIAHUI, so there are several choices for me. I went to BESTBUY, unfortunately, I couldn’t found this model. Actually, supposed BESTBUY provides it, I believe the price here is higher than other stores.

Well, I got down off BESTBUY, and then visited HONGTUSANBAO (XUJIAHUI) store, the price also high.

Can’t I buy it today? No. Finally, I found the new store named GuanZhiLin, which is opened several days ago. I came in and had a talk with the sellers and the manager. The manager gave me 1950RMB, but I didn’t accept, I gave him 1850RMB, but the manager wouldn’t be glad. OK, we compromised on 1870RBM for a suite: a cell phone device, a 256 M and 1G mini card, a battery, a battery chargeable, a hostel, a gift, and English-learn software whose price is 700RMB according to the seller.

My blackberry handheld device seems to be retired, I am sorry, my blackberry. They are much and much time for you to have a good rest.


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