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More and more classmates

Since last year, more and more classmates came in Shanghai. He Yunjiao is the first, and went to Pudong far away from me. Meng Xiangrong is the second one and living in ZhangJiang High Tech Park, far away from me too. The next one is Miss Duan Meimei , who is  working on Jinshan center hospital. I remember that she ever told me she has some ideas about her job!

On National Day of last year, I heard that ChenHong arraived too. I called her and then I known she is at MinHang.Besides for those above, Dengxia came here from Guizhou, and is living in SongJiang. and he is most far away from me.

Xie Zuowei , one of my best classmates in high school ,came Shanghai to look for a job, and stay with me currently. Wish  a good luck to him.

There are 5 classmates around me now. Just one year passed!

Wish all including me ,have a good trip in Shanghai!


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