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About Taiguo Zhang

Welcome to my space! If you can read this page, I guess you already read at least article and interesting in me.

About Tai Guo Zhang
I am Tai Guo Zhang, Taiguo is my first name, and Zhang is my last name or my family name. I am living in Shanghai, China now.

About This Site
This site is built in early of 2007. the aim at that time is to practice my English writing skills, but currently it is recording the events, the things or people happened around me , not just only practice my skills.

My Job
I am working on a small company as a senior software engineer. and it seems that the most things I do is to implement the new ideas, If we have a good idea or business pattern,the people is me to finish it generally .I like this job.
we are focusing on online-marketing, which seems so easy , it is difficulty actually.

My Family
I am single now, but I have a girlfriend Leafhhou now. Leafhhou is kind and wonderful. I love her very much.

I am not a native residence of Shanghai, even can't understand all of Shanghai language。 I am from JingZhou, Hubei province, in middle of China. I moved to Shanghai in 2003 year after graduated from university.


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