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I am back today

I am back after nine days holidays of Spring Festival.

And the schedule of updating this web will be continued.

That is great, since I have not surfed internet for nine days, which is a very long time for me.

I am digging information every day, how can I live if there is not Internet? Yes, this trip to hometown can give me a good answer. If there is no Internet, I can live with sleep. I waken up at 8:30 am, and went bed at about 9:30PM, and the quality of having a rest is better than usual. Although I want to internet very much, I passed nine days. To my heart deeply, it is a bitter experience. If life along with Internet, it will be better and more perfect.

During this trip, I have many thoughts about it. The life of people is better and better.  Every people I have seen are richer, while the security problems are more and more serious.

OK, I will detail them, because they are worth with doing it. I will mention them later.

That is all.


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