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The Road Is Coming

Goooooooood news.

I called home this morning, and I heard a good news, that the road will be built after Spring Festive holiday. Mum told me it was already launched if the procedure of sharing the soil isn’t delayed.  Many years’ dream will come true in a short time ,however.

 A very excited thing.

 My hometown is poor , and there is no a good road, we dream that the road can be built in the future since then I know things, I expected this for 20 years until now. A long time for me. As our nation are more and more rich, and the good policy which the road net across every villages will be formed is out for several years. Meanwhile, because of some unknown reason, it is delaying until now.

 However, the good days will be approaching if it is true.

Happy now, please don't interrupt me!


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