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Congrats you on having gained a Blue Screen Again

I bought a laptop from Dell, and its model is Inspiron 640m.

I got it in this Monday, and I installed OS Windows XP Pro SP2 (English version), some useful software too, such as TTPlayer(V 4.6.9), ZoneAlarm(V7.0.302), and Kaspersky(

I finished installment before afternoon, and all is ok. Yeah, it was the time for lunch. After my return, reboot the computer. One hour passed, a blue screen gave me as the first gift. I thought it is only a driver problem. And reboot again.

In next several days, I got several ones. OK, let me solve this problem by myself.

If blue screen kissed me, it had to restart. If log on to Windows, the crash dump data will be asked to whether sent to Microsoft or not. At the same time, I learned from Microsoft website that it maybe is lead by drivers. In advanced, I went to the directory (C:\windows\minidump) to research the dump file. I opened it with editor (such as Notepad++), the thing I saw only just random characters. How can I do to understand the dump file? The best place to go is Microsoft. I found a supported tool package, which is included SP2, then I downloaded it. There is a tool DUMPCHK.exe can check the file. Good, I tried to do, but I only got the error code and some parameters. I search these variants in Microsoft website, but the given information is not very useful for me. I know it is a driver problem at least, however.

With no any result, the second choice is Dell BBS, and then I went and found a very useful post, which introduces Windows Debug tool, and DSET (DELL system Extraction Tool), Windows Symbols Package. OK, downloaded and installed them. And I only tried DSET, but it only gave me the error code. Unfortunately, I didn’t finished downloading the symbol package because of a big size. I have to try it later.

However,It seems the most possible reason is the audio driver. To improve it, I started MSN, and then go to test audio setting, while all is OK. Then some minutes eclipsed, blue screen again. Oh, My god. Try twice, the same symptom occurs. Based on this, I had to update audio driver, unfortunately, it occurred again.

I can’t resolve it, and called to dell. A supporter asked me for the dump files, I sent them to him and feedback me it is possible the virus lead to this. Btw, he also sent me a file, named vsdatant.sys.

Googled it and found that it is built in ZoneAlarm. I read several articles on ZoneAlarm,this file and Dell. Well, it seems it is relevant to this problem.Tried to close ZoneAlarm and restored Windows firewall again.

From now on, it is working normally. I hope it is because of this file in ZoneAlarm. And if so, hope CheckPoint can fix it ASAP.

Hold this problem and resolve it after Spring Festive.

I think I am a lucky man meeting many blue screens.

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