I haven't went hometown for 2 years, it is a long time i think. Fortunately, Spring Festive is coming , and there are only 4 days remaining when I fly to home. Very good, and I am excited deeply.

Just wanna go home on September in last year, but due to something, this plan was delayed. Oh, my god, why are always there many things? Actually, it is not much thing, on just since I think I am a  busy man. right? Think it over, and I answer this question:"no, I am not as I think as .

There are one idea that you can spare some time at any time if you really want to do a thing 2 years ago. but is it what make me so? Okay, I feel I am very missed.

I can go home, however , can see my parents, my relatives, my teacher and my friends. this is my best wishes.

Happy New Year! Everyone, including me of coz.

Wish, May Good!


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