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Maybe you are surprised at the title of this article.Good, you should have this thought. I agree competely. One people must understand what he or she can do, understand  he /she  how to do,understand adopt which way to implement. That means UNDERSTAND!

Someone should understand himself, but someone can't fully master.There is a question. How to improve your skills on Learning,Understand and Analysis?

What aspects can prove one people are full with powerful ablility? Many. please see below:

Firstly, you should know what are you good at, and bad at. once you get it, you can have a target to improve.

Second, someone should have a strong ability to learn. As well known, it is impossible someone know all. but how to different people? the learning ability is an important factor to determine one people. it is allow you can not know something. but the people with  high ability  can  grasp it  quickly.

Third,  someone must be good at making a conclusion. What results in ?Why happen? And your thoughts must be clear, not confused.

Understand! Improve yourself.


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