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Begin experiencing Microsoft Office Word 2007

I updated my office word 2003 to 2007.

The process of installing Word is ugly. When I first finished updating, it popped up a dialog to inform me to reboot my computer, and then I clicked “Yes”, but the unexpected result kissed me. It didn’t reboot automatically. Is it a bug for Microsoft?

I didn’t reboot and started Word again. My god, it installed again. And it approximately took 10 minutes and done, but at this time, it didn’t inform me reboot.

To safely use it, I manually restart my computer.

It seems that it is very slow. FT. the high performance needs perfect hardware configuration. It is pity for my computer, also including me.

I quickly step into using it, however.

Wooooo, the UI is very different with 2003. The biggest point is the menu. If I want to use a function in word 2003, I have to find it around the world.

The UI is very perfect, I like it.

I heard that office 2007 can save the document as PDF, and then I installed the addin, unfortunately, it can’t work, why? Who can tell me the why? It is the version isn’t compatible with word? Maybe!

I opened a document in word 2003, which includes some comments. To my surprise, it also can’t work.

In addition, I met some cases, for instance, I choose a path to save the document, it also informs me some components aren’t installed, and need to install.

My god!

Bad experience.


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