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Highest skyscrapers

Grand Gateway is very high in shanghai, but what is its rank around the world? The answer is 71st . It is hard to  believe it is a fact. Right,  me too.

Grand Gateway  is not the  highest in Shanghai, there are several buildings higher than it. they are(only inner of 100 position) :
  1. JinMao Tower (5th)
  2. ShiMao International Plaza (17th)
  3. Plaza 66 (42nd)
  4. Tomorrow Square (45th)
  5. Hong Kong New World Tower( 54th)
  6. BoCom Financial Towers(65th)
  7. Grand Gateway Shanghai I (71st)
  8. Grand Gateway Shanghai II (71st)
  9. Bank of Shanghai Headquarters (94th)
OK, the above mentioned is in Shanghai, let me show you other cities in mainland :
  1.  CITIC Plaza (GuangZhou, 7th)
  2. Shun Hing Square(Shen Zhen, 8th)
  3. Minsheng Bank Building( Wu Han, 18th)
  4. SEG Plaza(Shen Zhen, 39th)
  5. Chongqing World Trade Center(Chongqing, 46th)
  6. Wuhan World Trade Tower (Wu Han, 57th)
  7. Dapeng International Plaza (Guang Zhou, 59th)
  8. Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower(Shen Zhen ,70th)
  9. Post & Telecommunication Hub (Guang Zhou, 76th)
  10. New Century Plaza Tower A (NanJing, 90th)
  11. Jiali Plaza(Wuhan,98th)
  12. Beijing Yintai Centre Tower 2(Beijing, 99th)
As glancing at the records , what about your thought? Mainland China has 1/5. it seems that China is rich. Is it the actual fact?



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