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CPP is my favorite

Several years past, and I have learned some kinds of programming languages, such as C, C++,C#,VB,Java, Python,PHP, Ruby etc.
As a developer with several years' experiences, I always believe that programming is simplest in the cycle of software development, yes, as so far , this doesn't changed.

Although I grasp these languages, CPP is  my best favorite in my heart. Why? Maybe it  is very hard, maybe it is the right OO language I learned first. Maybe it is very important in my SD career.

I remember that I got the first job, and I accomplished it in C++.
It is a very special time, since it teaches me how to solve the problem.And based on this, I have the ability to process all things.

Whenever I see the CPP code, I feel very kind to the source. It seems very amazing. yes, so  the world is. and so is the people.

I like CPP, I like SD, and I like my field.


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