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2 different places of JinJiang Inn

Last Thursday, Mingzhao Chen, one of my classmates in high school , arrived at Shanghai from HangZhou.

He informed me he have ordered a room in JinJiang Inn. OK ,that is good. when his  train arrived at Shanghai Railway Station(South), I SMS  and told him :
"Please take a taxi to your inn after getting off train."
He replied to me that they have bought the subway tickets. FT.
then the got off  JinJiang Park Station, and went to the store directly. Then he called me several minutes later and told me that It is not the store they book. "Oooops, why? really?",I thought.
yeah, the store resides right HongMei(S) Rd. Once I got it, and googled it immediately, then found that I'm always wrong. There are 2 stores in Hongmei(S) Rd. The one Chen went first is JinJiangPark store, and another one is Hongmei(S) store Chen  ordered .

Well, I'm wrong these years.

I should kick The Great Wall.

BTW, I heard of that the situation of JinJiang Inn is very good , while the price is low. the standard room is on 200RMB. It is very cheap in shanghai.
  1.  JinJiang Inn
  2. Shanghai Railway Station(South)
  3. ...


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