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keywords today

Well, keywords hint my work today.Ok , let me list them below:

Pronounced as "engine X",a light-level HTTP server or IMAP/POP3 proxy server,can replace pache2.2+mod_proxy_balancer. it not only can response quickly to static pages, but also surpports proxy and rewrite completely. Meanwhile, it also surpports mod_fcgi、ssl 、vhosts.

flash videos encoding

Nagios is an open source host, service and network monitoring program. Who uses it? Lots of people, including many big companies and organizations.

FLVTool2 is a manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV).
FLVTool2 can calculate a lot of meta data and insert a onMetaData tag. It can cut FLV files and add cue Points (onCuePoint). A debug command lets you see inside our FLV and the print command gives you meta data information in XML or YAML format.

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